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Schedule:  (0-0-1)
 Dec. 11 Baltimore Athletic Club T 0-0

Coach:  Bill Maxwell
Captain:  Bill Maxwell

Charles Cabaniss - Forward
McDonough Craven - Forward
Miles Gorgas - Forward
Bob Higgins - Halfback
Edward Leiper - Forward
Jim Mahoney - Forward
Bill Maxwell - Forward
Tim O'Leary - Wholeback
Max Orlapp - Wholeback
T. A. Parks - Forward
Moody Robinson - Halfback
Hugh Rodman - Forward
Joe Rohrbacker - Forward
Winfield Sample - Forward
Bill Wolfsberger - Three-quarterback

Team Picture:
Navy Football's First Team

Hugh Rodman:
   - Participated in the Battle of Manila Bay in 1898.
   - Commanded the Atlantic Fleet which defeated the German submarine menace in 1917.
   - Convoyed 4 million American troops to France without the loss of a single man.
   - Decorated by the governments of England, France, Belgium, and Japan for his feats in World War I.