Sent out on 31 July 2014:

As we continue to grow as an organization and approach our 3rd full season, below are a few initiatives (based on feedback and suggestions that I have received over the past 2 1/2 years) that we could accomplish with some organizational funds. Fund raising is NOT our charter, but we do have a need for a small amount of organizational funds on an annual basis. For example, a voluntary $10 - $20 donation from all 1,100+ members would easily fund the below items and allow us make a donation to NAAA at the end of the year. My thought as a model going forward is to do a voluntary annual call for donations each summer to fund our initiatives for the year, keep a set amount of organizational funds on hand in the bank ($500 - $1,500) for emergencies, and donate our remaining balance to NAAA at the end of each year. I do NOT want to move towards an annual dues model as I feel that goes against our basic Brotherhood principle that all former players are included. We have done quite well without donations and will continue on course with or without donations. Donations will just allow us to take things to another level much quicker. As with any financial matter that I've proposed in the past, my feeling is that our first option is to support NAAA, Alumni Assoc. & Foundation efforts first with the Brotherhood org. second (ticket pool, Brotherhood store merchandise, and now initiatives).

Proposed 2014 Season Initiatives (listed in priority order):


1. "Huddle with the Firsties" Program (Lapel pins, Pizza, Refreshments, Cake) (~$250) - Fully Funded

2. Flags (3' x 5') flags & poles for Brotherhood tailgater - qty. 2 (~$400) - Fully Funded

3. Cost for setup of formal organizational structure 501c 3, 7, 9, or 10 (~$2,500) - Partially Funded

4. Enclosed trailer (6' x 12') for the Brotherhood tailgater (~$5,000) - Partially Funded

5. Social activities offsets - room rental, food, drink, etc. (A designated amount to be set per event, say $100.) - Not Funded

- Beginning of the Season Kick-off social prior to OSU

- Five Annapolis home game tailgaters

- Brotherhood Back to Practice prior to Army

- Social with the Army Football Club

Voluntary donations by our membership helps fund the above initiatives.

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