Q: What is the ticket pool concept?

A: Pooling together a bunch of individual $55 donations to buy as many season tickets as possible at $194 per season ticket from the Navy Ticket Office.

Q: What games does this apply to?

A: The season tickets are for the 5 home game in Annapolis.

Q: How many season tickets and ticket pool members did we have last season?

A: 33 season tickets and 118 ticket pool members.

Q: Is this mandatory?

A: No, participation in the ticket pool is strictly voluntary.

Q: Who is the intended audience?

A: Members (out-of-town and local) who attend 1 or 2 home games per season.

Q: If I cannot attend any games this season, should I become a member?

A: Of course, you help guarantee the all former players have access to tickets and we all sit in a close proximity to each other.

Q: Can I use the ticket pool to attend every home game?

A: No, buy your own damn season tickets!

Q: If I have my own season tickets, can I still join?

A: Yes. It is great for that particular game when you need a few extra tickets.

Q: If I am a member, is there a cost to get tickets from the pool?

A: No, the tickets are given free to ticket pool members.

Q: How many tickets can I get for a game/season?

A: Generally, the limit is 4. However, we do give out 5 or more depending on the number of immediate family members someone has.

Q: Am I guaranteed tickets to the home game that I want to attend?

A: No, but the only game in the past two season where there has been more requests than tickets is Air Force.

Q: How did you handle that situation?

A: There is a priority system for the high priority games. When you get tickets to those, you drop to back of the priority list.

Q: What if I only want Ohio St., Notre Dame, and Army tickets?

A: Become a season ticket holder or join Blue & Gold. By doing so, you basically guarantee yourself the ability to purchase those tickets.

Q: Will ticket pool members get the ability to purchase Ohio St., Notre Dame, and Army tickets?

A: Yes, but only a limited number of tickets have been reserved for the Brotherhood.

Q: Where do I put in my requests for tickets?

A: Use the "Ticket Request Form" link on the Ticket Pool Website (http://www.navyfootballbrotherhood.org/ticket-pool).

Q: How do I pay?

A: See the bottom of my original e-mail for payment options.

Q: Where is the Navy Football Ticket Information page?

A: http://www.navysports.com/tickets/navy-tickets-m-footbl.html