Q:  What is the ticket pool concept?

A:  Pooling together a bunch of individual $80 donations to buy as many season tickets as possible at $330 per season ticket from the Navy Ticket Office.

Q:  What games does this apply to?

A:  The season tickets are for the 6 home game in Annapolis.

Q:  How many season tickets and ticket pool members did we have last season?

A:  For 2022, we had 178 season tickets and 415 ticket pool members.

Q:  Is this mandatory?

A:  No, participation in the ticket pool is strictly voluntary.

Q:  Who is the intended audience?

A:  All Navy Football Brotherhood members.

Q:  If I cannot attend any games this season, should I become a member?

A:  Of course - you help guarantee the all former players have access to tickets and we all sit in a close proximity to each other.

Q:  Can I use the ticket pool to attend every home game?

A:  No, buy your own damn season tickets!

Q:  If I have my own season tickets, can I still join?

A:  Yes.  It is great for that particular game when you need a few extra tickets. Also, help your Brothers!

Q:  If I am a member, is there a cost to get tickets from the pool?

A:  No, the tickets are given free to ticket pool members.

Q:  How many tickets can I get for a game/season?

A:  Generally, the limit is 4 per share.  If you get multiple shares, you can typically request 4x the number shares you purchase. For games where there are a lot of requests, we may not be able to honor multiple share requests to allow more people to get their first choice.

Q:  Am I guaranteed tickets to the home game that I want to attend?

A:  No, but most people get their first choice. Usually around Monday of game week, we open up the selection process. This is a web form where you pick the seats you want. Seat status is updated in real time, so you can see which seats are available at any given time.  By Friday afternoon of game week, most seats will be taken, so don't tarry! Make sure you have an account on our membership site, in order to select seats.

Q:  What if I only want Army tickets?

A:  We get access to a block of Army tickets for purchase.  You can also become a season ticket holder or join Blue & Gold, which gets you guaranteed access to Army-Navy tickets depending on your contribution level.  For prioritization, those who are newbies or got Army tickets from our block last year start at the bottom of the priority list this year. 

Q:  Where do I put in my requests for tickets?

A:  The Ticket Pool team will send out instructions to Brothers who join the pool.

Q:  How do I pay?


Q:  Where is the Navy Football Ticket Information page?

A:  Navy Ticket Office - Football