Mentorship refers to personal developmental relationship between a more experienced mentor and less experienced protege.  In 2014, the Brotherhood started a pilot program called "Huddle with the Firsties".  Former players from each decade back to the 60's started having sessions with the graduating First Class from the Football Team covering a variety of topics.  See below for details on the "Huddle with the Firsties" Program.

We have Facebook and LinkedIn groups to help former players interact and network with each other.  Another fabulous resource is the new Class of 1969's Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP) accessible from the USNA Alumni Association and Foundation's website - Class of 1969 Alumni Mentoring Program.

AMP allows you to register as both a mentor and a protege (recommend doing both).  AMP has the capability for you to restrict yourself to first mentoring or being mentored by fellow Navy football players.  The added bonus is you will see other opportunities if there isn't a football player match.  As VADM Curtis told the Class of 2014 football players this spring, "Expand your Brotherhood".

Strongly urge everyone in the Brotherhood needs to sign up to be a Mentor and/or a Protege and make our Brotherhood an even more effective and supportive group.  Let's see if we can get a good number of mentors and proteges on line quickly.